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Factors to consider when choosing a gravestone

Losing a loved one is not the best thing that should ever happen to anybody. It, however, happens. The best thing to do is actually to keep the memories of the deceased. One of the best ways is to develop a gravestone to mark the tomb and keep memories alive.

When choosing a gravestone, consider the following factors:

  1. The material
    Gravestones can be made using a wide range of materials. However, marble and concert are the most common ones. You, therefore, have to consider a material that meets your need on how long you would want it to last. Concrete lasts longer than other materials. If you are looking for a temporary one, crafted clay can still be used.
  2. The size
    The size depends on the size of that grave space. If you have a significant space like a family graveyard, you can go for as big as you want. However, if you are using a public space, you need a smaller one due to the restrictions that come with managing a public gravesite.
  3. The design
    There are several designs that you can choose from depending on your personal preferences. For instance, you can have a bench gravestone, flat or upright gravestones. The design you go for might cost you more or less money.
    Ensure that the design is not only attractive but also gives value to the deceased. For instance, if the late died at old age, you can consider more significant gravestones like the bench type. This shows more value since more people are most likely to visit graveyards where aged people have been buried.
  4. The font
    The primary purpose of a gravestone is to create memories. In most cases, you might have to have the name of the late, date of birth, and that of death. This information should be as straightforward as possible. You, therefore, need to find out what font will be read with ease.

I would recommend that you should choose a font that easily relates to the late. For instance, if the gravestone is meant for children, you can choose a font that resonates with children. Let the theme also speak for itself.