Your CV does not intend to list everything you did at each post. It is a front-line document that focuses on the objective of giving the reader an honest idea of ​​his or her abilities, background and background. This is not a biography. If your phone rings, he did his job well.

You must also complete an online version of your CV for job search sites. You take it and load the information into separate sections.

There is not one style that is correct, many that are wrong. The only evidence of a good resume is whether or not you go to an interview where you can demonstrate your potential face to face. A resume will never give you the job alone but will give you the opportunity to get it by yourself (cvguru). The information contained in your curriculum vitae should serve as a carrot: enough details to differentiate it from other candidates, but brief enough to establish the potential in a few paragraphs.

In general, your written communications (including the resume cv mal ) will be your first impression, as a potential employee, that the company receives. Be sure to project a positive non-negative image. Unfortunately, many candidates refuse to do so by producing documentation of mediocre or bulky quality. Following the guidelines in this book means that you will not be one of them.


A CV is a marketing tool, and the product that tells you is you!

How are people wrong?


Use models and, no matter how good, you may think they are recognizable as models.
Just update your resume when you need a job. Ideally, keep it up-to-date so that it is “ready for use”.
Do not realize that a resume is a sales document and that the product you are selling is you! It’s traditional and boring.
Use your resume as a dump, they seem to think that if they include as much as possible, the recruiter will look for what they need. But an employer will not take the time to do it, if he does not see what he wants right away, he will go to the trash (
Concentrate on the tasks you have done. An effective resume goes beyond the task of focusing on achievements.
Do not include quantifiable results.
I did not identify any keywords.
Mix achievements with tasks at work or lose them altogether.
Do not direct your resume to a specific job.
Forget adding your LinkedIn URL.