Staying at the top of things is always a requirement for a successful event to take place. A hen party is one that demands attention in terms of being strategic, creative and proper guests management. Stay organised by avoiding political affiliations and putting more effort into the basics of holding a party. Proper planning followed to the letter is a precursor for a successful event.

Below are some top tips that you could use to help you oversee a successful hen party

Meet up with the bride.

The bride has a huge role and influence when holding a hen party. It is wise to consult them and ask for thoughts and ideas about the party. A top consideration to keep in mind is the budgeting aspect which the bride has the final say. Meet up and make realistic plans that should involve a well thought out guest list. Let the bride suggest the kind of guests she wants to invite to the party. Get to know her ambition and level of control she would like to exercise. Capture the do’s, and dont’s so that the event pans out as planned.

Save a date

Come up with a date that is convenient for the bride to be and the prospect guests. A brilliant way of coming up with an ideal date is setting a date earlier enough to allow for any necessary adjustments. Try and set the date earlier enough that the guests feel comfortable, which should not be short notice or close to the wedding date. It is considerate to at least involve the guests’ opinion about the hen party date. The concept of inclusivity makes every invited individual appreciated, and they, in turn, pay back the favour by honouring the invitation

Do a research

To convert ideas into actions conducting research is then mandatory and necessary. You need to come up with the ideal theme to match up the auspicious occasion. Selecting a theme gives a sense of direction to the whole party plans. It means you have something to work with and follow to ensure that the party is a success. A specific theme will direct you to what is required in terms of the suppliers, meals, venue, decorations, etc. The left bit is making a follow up to the plans and executing them.

Communication is key.

Effective communication is responsible for a successful event. Since the event will accommodate different individuals striking a balance and common goal will help keep the house in order. Come up with an official invitation and send them to all the guests. You could prefer using an email or sending cards; it all depends on the bride’s desire. At this stage have the small group involved and informed on the latest updates about the hen party. Remember, you don’t want to pull a nasty surprise to the bride. Give the guests an estimate for an individual cost, a potential meeting joint and update them in case of a sudden eventuality.